UA Data Extract

Next Steps

Complete these steps so we can
get started on extracting your historical UA data.

Hey there!

We’re excited to get started on extracting your historical data from Universal Analytics! Before we get the ball rolling on our end, we just need to make sure our UA Data Extract analytics account has access to your Universal Analytics property.

We’ve laid out the steps for you below, or you can watch and follow along with this brief video we put together.

  1. Sign into your Google Analytics account
  2. Navigate to the desired Universal Analytics property
  3. Click Admin in the bottom left
  4. In the Property column, click Access Management
  5. In the top right, click the blue +, then click Add Users
  6. Enter:
  7. Select Notify New Users By Email to send a message to the user
  8. Select the Administrator role
  9. Click Add

Once we have access to your UA property, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know we’re moving forward with extracting, saving, and visualizing your data. Depending on how much data you have, you can expect your CSVs and dashboards to be delivered within the next four weeks.

If you run into any trouble going through the steps above or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If not, we’ll be in touch soon!


Jack Novorr

Data & Analytics Manager